Madbob has been manufacturing and selling their own brand of lockpicks worldwide for over 5 years. We are an expanding company, based in the United Kingdom.
Using over 20 years experience in design and manufacturing, we are constantly looking for new innovative ways to create our products.
At Madbob, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality that you will not find anywhere else!

Why Choose Madbob

  • We manufacture all our LockPicks and Accessories.
  • All training locks are modified, cutaway or re-designed by Madbob.
  • Our aim is to give you 100% satisfaction with our products.
  • We only use 301 spring stainless steel for our lockpicks.
  • Excellent customer service

Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Please be aware that this applies only to products purchased directly via Madbobpicks. This guarantee covers wear and tear under normal usage. It does not cover cosmetic damage. Heavy modifications made to your lockpicks are at your discretion but this will void the Guarantee.

Other information

At Madbob, we are always here to help with reasonable requests. However, please be patient as there is only one person answering emails, and sometimes they need a small break too!

We also do lock picking workshops and Conferences So give us a call !

We would just like to say a big thank you to all of our customers!